After baby girl's first 12 weeks, I'm doing these posts one a month, although I'm still taking weekly pictures.  She learns new things everyday so I've got to keep up!  In the past month, she's really transitioned from newborn to baby.  She's imitating our speech, discovering that she can make new kinds of sounds everyday (and making some of them quite loudly!), she's at the very beginning of rolling, she's got a few lower front teeth buds that are doing their best to pop out and they stay hidden, she puts all her weight on her legs and stands with just the help of us keeping her balance, she's getting better and better at tummy time although it's still not her favorite and she is putting everything in her mouth these days.  Probably one of the many signs of teething in addition to the constant drool she's got going on too.

This girl makes my heart so happy.  I love you sweet girl.