This is so true, my beautiful baby.  I look at her and realize she is everything I've ever wanted in life.  Carrying her around in my belly, experiencing the most amazingly intense event of my life together with her as my little partner in our labor and delivery, and now, being her mama, everyday.

Sometimes I think about all the "stuff" I'd like to do in life, it's fun to dream about.  And sure, a lot of those things could still happen, but honestly, some of them won't now.  And honestly, that is perfectly okay with me as long as I've got this little girl to wake up to every morning.  She is my bucket list.  I've accomplished it.

Oh - and this photo?!  That would be one of my favorites from her newborn session.  I love, love, love them and will post more soon.  Ugh, I can't get over how beautiful she is!  She was two weeks old here and we had some photos done at home with Love Roots Photography.  They turned out so wonderful.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I promise I'm done with the sappiness... for now, at least.