Those pursed little lips... I can't even... she is so beautiful, she just captures me.  Last week in the single digits!  She is becoming more and more vocal every day!  It is so much fun interacting with her.  She'll imitate our sounds and have little conversations with us.  Also - she slept eight straight hours through the night, two nights in a row this past week!  Woohoo for sleep!  Part of that is due to the fact that she's still packing on the pounds.  Baby girl is up to 11 pounds this week and jumped to the 55th percentile.  That's right, girl's a good eater.  She went from the 5th percentile shortly after she was born and is now at the 55th.  Her doctor said this is usually when breastfed babes reach their highest percentile as far as weight goes.  She's also great at holding up her head, it still bobbles a bit but you can carry her around and she supports it pretty well, which she's done for the past few weeks now.  Here's her two-month appointment stats:
  • 11.065 pounds - 55th percentile in weight 
  •  22 3/4 inches - 50th percentile in height 
  •  75th percentile for head circumference - no ones she's such a smarty!