Hartlynn's four week picture is one of my favorites so far.  Grammy, Ryan's mom, bought her this dress months and months ago, and it's just so sweet.  Baby girl is so animated!  She has been since day one but it's really just amazing how alert she is and how much she is constantly taking in.

As I mentioned before, baby girl started packing on the pounds, as her weight percentile jumped up quite a bit in just one short month.  She's also discovering more emotions, she smiles several times a day, which she started at just one week old, and she laughs!  It is the most amazing sound you've ever heard.  So are her sneezes, and coughs, and giggles...  Also, she can hold her head up!  Her neck strength is at the three-month-old level right now, which is great.

Here's her one-month stats:

  • 8 pounds, 1 ounce - 30th percentile for weight (up from 5% at her newborn appointment!)
  • 20 3/4 inches long - 50th percentile for height
  • 75th percentile for head circumference (makes her neck strength even more impressive given she's on the lighter side with a big head)

Baby girl in her beautiful dress!