The nursery is done!  We've had most of the big stuff ready to go for a while, but now it is officially finished.  We've had so much fun putting together this space and really, it's a blast putting together an entire room at once instead of over time.  This is now my favorite room in our home...

The gallery wall was a lot of fun putting together... we've got baby girl throwing up her peace sign during one of her ultrasounds, the "flower pote" my little sister drew for me years ago when I'd come home everyday to a picture on my bed, the perfect LOVE poster from MadeByGirl, a print I created with one of my favorite lines from our wedding song, the baby shower invitation and a beautiful bird drawing my cousin's daughter drew for me.

The lamb up above is very special, it's the first thing Ryan and I bought for our baby when we found out we were pregnant and I had to be the one to buy the baby it's first item.

My favorite piece in the nursery, this beautiful painting my mom gave to the baby.  She had one of our amazingly talented friends, Rita, paint it it for her and once she's born, her name will go up top in a light pink script.  The special thing about it is that my mom had her do the writing in my handwriting,  She brought over several samples of my writing and then painted the script in it!  It is so special and baby girl will have it forever.

This changing table has been in the family for almost three decades now.  A good family friend made this and our cradle we're using, which is in our room for now, when my siblings and I were babies and our parents changed us on it!

Another beautiful piece, this was given to us my Ryan's mom soon after we found out we were pregnant with a little girl.  Those flowers on top were from the shower and I'm only supposed to tell baby girl this, but Ryan totally helped with them.  He's such a good daddy already.

No surprise she's got clothes for days... she really does have more items of clothing than I do.

My tiny baby shoes from when I was young!

I love both of these quilts so much.  The one on the left was made for me on my fifth birthday by a very good family friend, and just so happens to tie in perfectly with the nursery, and the beautiful one on the right was made for baby girl by Ryan's grandmother.  Again, we'll have them forever and I know we'll get lots of use of of them!

Let me know if you'd like a source for anything, I can definitely provide it.  This almost 39 weeks prego is just a bit tired though so I'll just do it if requested, which I'm more than happy to though!  Again, we love this space so much and sometimes I really can't believe we just finished putting together our firstborn's nursery!  We love you baby girl!


Since it's at most a matter of weeks now, I probably shouldn't be waiting to post these in groups!  Here's baby and I at 38 weeks, as long as a stalk of celery.  Probably longer actually, but it's getting harder and harder to find foods!