We've known we're having a little baby girl for awhile now, and to celebrate that fact, a few months ago we had a gender reveal party for our friends and family.  We didn't want anything too over-the-top, just a fun way to get everyone in on the fun.  It was a blast!  And yes, Ryan and I found out the gender the moment we could, just the two of us together at the ultrasound.  We made everyone else guess at our party the next day though.

My BFF Katira made these adorable cake balls for the reveal... they were all filled with pink cake inside and everyone got to bit into them at the same time to find out.  Although a few people faster than others, haha.  We made everyone cast their vote by donning either a mustache or a bow and then it was time to bite in... I'll let the rest of the pictures tell the story.

Such a fun night to reveal what little baby Tollis is.  This little girl is so loved already it's incredible.