Hey I just got pregnant... and this is crazy... but at the end of this week... we find out the gender of our baby!  You're welcome for that.  Anyway, this week we will be 20 weeks along... which means halfway, second trimester ultrasound, gender.  I could not be more excited!

We have decided to find out because it's just the best choice for us.  Neither one of us thinks we could look away from the image of our baby for a single second anyway.  It's just too precious and just the two of us finding out together will be perfect.  To celebrate though, and to share the big news with our family members, we're having a little gender reveal party where we get to sit back and watch everyone guess.  Nothing big or over-the-top, just a simple and intimate get together.

And of course it all starts with invites, which I created using PicMonkey and then had printed onto postcards and mailed out. 
I also put together a moodboard to get all my ideas in one place so we can pick and choose what we want to do.  For the reveal itself, my BFF is making cake pops with either blue or pink on the inside and everyone is biting into them at once.  Should be fun!  And yes, everyone will have to cast their vote.  I'll probably have some hints in the form of old wive's tales to help everyone out.

Has anyone else been to a gender reveal party before?  Like I mentioned, I just wanted a fun, small and intimate gathering so we could tell everyone.  Not a big party or anything too material, just something fun for family.  Let me know if you have!  I'll be back next week with a recap of the party and of course, the reveal itself!

What do you think - girl or boy? 

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