We're having a baby.  It really is indescribable.

I'm keeping a journal of all this, so I won't go into too much detail here... plus maybe not everyone wants all the details of my pregnancy... just maybe?  Anyway, we've been talking about starting a family over the past year and realized we were both pretty serious about it recently.  We thought we had an idea as to the timing of it all but little did we know how quickly it would happen.  This experience, more than any other has taught me to trust in God's plan since it really is the best for us.  You really can't fully experience joy without giving control to God and trusting His plan.

On a Saturday morning a few months ago, something urged me to in turn urge my husband to drive to the store at 6:00am for a test.  I wasn't one of those women laying in bed feeling like I was pregnant, but something just made me make him go.  He got home and then those two pink lines popped up faster than I could turn around and exit the bathroom to find something to do to pass those infamous few minutes.  All elaborate plans and creative ideas of telling my husband that I was pregnant with our first child flew out the door.  I called his name and he knew immediately.

Here are a few pictures from the day we found out.  We had plans to go to Fort Collins for the day and despite the early morning commotion, we made it up there.  My parents were picking us up for the trip and we just couldn't hold it in when they arrived.  So much for grand schemes of how to tell them too.  They were definitely as thrilled as expecting grandparents can be.

A few weeks after that, an ultrasound confirmed that yes, we have a baby.  That was the sweetest moment of my life.  I'm sure you other mothers and mothers-to-be can relate when I say that that first ultrasound is really what does it.  I have a few pictures of us after seeing our baby for the first time at that appointment, but they really seem to precious to post here online.

As soon as we found out though, I came across things like this... Ryan laid out a towel by the shower since we don't have a mat.

And we made Christmas cookies that depicted the fact that yes, there's a baby in there.  And we took pictures like this, that yes, we had to keep secret until now.

And my parents came over for a celebration, champagne and pasteurized sparkling apple cider in tow.

And we told Ryan's parents, who were equally excited and surprised.  These moments of telling our family are stuck with me forever.

And just because it's only fair, I have a bump like this!  Although this was now a few weeks ago.  19 weeks and counting baby!