Time to update this online journal of ours with baby girl's past month!  Yes, it goes fast, we all know that.  But what really blows my mind is that tomorrow she will be five months old... which means she will be six months old in one month... which means that take the time she's been around and just do that again and she will be a year old!  I can't even... do all moms think like this?  She'll be a baby forever, right?!

In just the past month, she has learned so much!  She is getting closer to rolling, and will do so if I prop up her arm and give her a little head start, although she hasn't been to interested in starting the roll on her own yet, although she finally likes tummy time and is great at holding her head up.  She's got a new noise almost every day and is now making consonant sound which hopefully means "mama" and "dada" will be soon to come.  She can actually sit for just a second to if I balance her just right.  What else?  Her hair is filling in like crazy and she has the most beautiful, full, long, curly eyelashes, which I'm somewhat jealous of.  She bears all her weight on her legs, which she's done for awhile.  She loves playing with her toys, swinging them around playing the gravity game in which she throws a toy down and we pick it up for her.  And as always, she's got lots of smiles for all her constant onlookers.

To wrap up, here's here four month stats:

  • 14.065 pounds - 60th percentile in weight
  • 24 inches long - 60th percentile in height (nice and proportional at this point! haha)
  • 88th percentile for head circumference (girl's got a noggin! little smarty pants)

And here's her pictures for weeks 17 to 20!

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