Hartlynn is twelve weeks old today!  In a way, it seems like twelve very short, sweet weeks and in another way, it seems like she's always been a part of us and our lives and I'm not quite sure what life was like before her.  Both ways, it's been amazing.

This outfit is particularly special.  This little blue dress was mine when I was a baby.  My mom and I went through my baby box a little while ago and found this beautiful dress, that I wore at right about the same age!

I find myself trying to remember every little detail of her as a baby - the way she stares longingly at her daddy like she stares at no one else, how her eyes slowly blink open and shut so smoothly, the moment I discovered that she has her daddy's strange ability to bend her toes back at an alarming angle, the hair on her head that goes from blond to strawberry blond to light brown depending on the light, the fact that when she was born none of her clothes fit and now she's outgrown a handful of them just a few short months later, the fact that she has my nose and eyes, her sweet squeaks in the middle of the night, her sweet gummy smiles, her eyelashes which were almost nonexistent and birth but have now come in long and dark and beautiful, her baby booty which is to die for, the way she kicks so strongly when we're changing her diaper, the way she frantically and excitedly nurses sometimes and how she calmly and rhythmically does it other times... oh I could go on forever.  I love you baby girl, with all my being.

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