Babe's first vacation!  And it was a success... she slept well in her playyard and didn't seem to be bothered by the different environment.  We had such a good, relaxing time with Nana and Papa (isn't it funny how you immediately start referring to your parents by their "grandparent" names?)  We drove up on a cozy, rainy Friday night and came back on a bright, sunny Monday afternoon.  While we were up there, we swam, hiked, ate, drank (not me so much), shopped and wandered around Breck.

We absolutely love going to the mountain towns in the summer and fall, much more so than going during the winter.  One I don't ski or snowboard (yes, I know, I'm a Colorado native and I don't do either... I have, I just don't really enjoy it) and two, the weather is such a nice escape from the hotness that has been this previous summer.  And of course, like all other things, going on vacation is so much more fun with a baby!  It was so great to wake up and have her grandparents right there, so much fun.

Most of baby girl's time was spent snuggling with Nana and Papa...

And yes, she is the cutest little Rams fan there ever was!

On Saturday, we wandered around a great arts and food festival in Breckenridge and watched the infamous rubber ducky race!  7,000 of them running down this stream!

Mary's Mountain Cookies... a must-have in Breck.  Yes, they're like $4 a piece and blah, blah, blah but so worth it!  I mean a cookie, with nuts and chocolate, dipped in chocolate and nuts again?  Overindulgent yes, but amazing.

We spent a lot of time outdoors, hiking up the slopes right behind our condo.  We tried out baby girl's carrier for the first time and she loved it!  Pretty much slept right through the first two hikes of her life.

We all had such a great family vacation, thank you Nana and Papa!  It was a beautiful weekend up in the mountains and has me wanting to buy a condo so we can take a weekend trip whenever we feel like it... maybe if we all go in on it?



The sweetest thing next to baby girls has got to be fall clothing for baby girls.  Oh it's dangerous, there is just so much out there!  We were blessed by so much beautiful summer clothing, but baby girl is lacking a bit in the warm clothing department, so I may have to pick up a few (0r all, maybe? ha, I wish) of these favorites below:

1. Bow Suede Bootie from baby GAP
2. Polka Dot Sweatshirt from Old Navy
3. Poppy Print Dress from baby GAP
4. Leopard Print Hat from baby GAP
5. Pleated Top from baby GAP
6. Pop-Color Jersey Pants from Old Navy
7. Keyhole Bodysuit from baby GAP
8. Marled Ruffle Pants from baby GAP
9. Hello Onesie from hello
10. Platinum Moccasin from FRESHLY PICKED

Have such a great week everyone!  Here's to cooler weather, warm drinks and the cutest little moccasins there ever were.



Fall is in the air!  I took this picture above when baby girl and I went on a lovely walk yesterday morning after a cool morning rain.  I had my mug of tea, it was 63 degrees out and Hartlynn was all bundled up.  Those mornings are the best.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and please pray for all those affected by the floods across Colorado.  Our beautiful state can't catch a break lately.

Happy Friday and happy fall-is-almost-here weather!  I always miss the summer when it's coming to an end, but then fall creeps in and I remember just how perfect it is.



Hartlynn is twelve weeks old today!  In a way, it seems like twelve very short, sweet weeks and in another way, it seems like she's always been a part of us and our lives and I'm not quite sure what life was like before her.  Both ways, it's been amazing.

This outfit is particularly special.  This little blue dress was mine when I was a baby.  My mom and I went through my baby box a little while ago and found this beautiful dress, that I wore at right about the same age!

I find myself trying to remember every little detail of her as a baby - the way she stares longingly at her daddy like she stares at no one else, how her eyes slowly blink open and shut so smoothly, the moment I discovered that she has her daddy's strange ability to bend her toes back at an alarming angle, the hair on her head that goes from blond to strawberry blond to light brown depending on the light, the fact that when she was born none of her clothes fit and now she's outgrown a handful of them just a few short months later, the fact that she has my nose and eyes, her sweet squeaks in the middle of the night, her sweet gummy smiles, her eyelashes which were almost nonexistent and birth but have now come in long and dark and beautiful, her baby booty which is to die for, the way she kicks so strongly when we're changing her diaper, the way she frantically and excitedly nurses sometimes and how she calmly and rhythmically does it other times... oh I could go on forever.  I love you baby girl, with all my being.



Here she is at eleven week, almost three months old!  I love this sweet little outfit her Nana gave to her.  Isn't it the epitome of baby girl?!  Lace, ruffles, cap sleeves, pale pink, bows... I could eat her up!