Hey look!  I'm blogging, and it's not a picture of my big ol' belly or my baby girl... although baby girl will still be the center of this show, of course.  Anyway, this quote is so true, right?  These past six and a half weeks have really solidified that for me.  Family is everything and I am so thankful to have the one I do.  It still feels too good to be true that we have a beautiful, healthy baby.  Everything is so amplified once you're a parent - all emotions are kicked up like, a million notches.  Love, fear, desire, exhaustion, joy, it's an adjustment in all aspects of life and it caught me off guard, in the best way, which I guess is normal.

I'll have Hartlynn's birth story coming soon, it was such an emotional day, I find myself constantly replaying it in my mind to grasp every last detail.  I'll have to work on an abridged version since the one I wrote for myself is seven pages long.

Life is good.  Baby girl and I are settling into a routine and I am feeling more human everyday.  I remember our doctor telling us to record everything, take pictures, video, because the first few months are a blur.  At my follow-up appointment, he acknowledged the fact that life changes so fast and so drastically, it can be overwhelming.  One day you're pregnant, it's just you and your husband and you've got this idea of a baby coming, but really you can't prepare yourself at all for what's to come.  Then the next day (and one you can't mark on your calendar and countdown to since it's up to baby), you've gone through the most physically, mentally and emotionally demanding event of your life, you have a baby to care for, you're no longer pregnant, people are coming and going although you really don't know who and home is completely different.  It's a trip, but the most amazing one ever at that.

It feels good to have life revolve around someone other than yourself, honestly.  I feel more accomplished from her birth until now than I have in my entire life previously.

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and help.  It was absolutely invaluable and it is so evident that this little girl has so many people praying for her, and us.  Know that we're praying for you too - those starting families, or trying to.  Newlyweds and those tying the knot soon.  Friends, family in all stages of life.  We are so blessed, but it's not to say that we haven't had our ups and downs as well.  We understand some of what you all are going through, and some stuff we don't understand, but we're praying for you and appreciate you praying for us.  We all need each other, don't we?

I'm excited to get back at this blogging thing and include more recipes, DIYs, a house tour... all that good stuff.  But really, it will still likely revolve around the great stuff, my family.

Have a wonderful week all!

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  1. Welcome back! Love this, and you! Looking forward to following your journey! Motherhood looks good on you!

  2. The biggest blessing I have in my life is being a mom. You discover a whole new depth in the description of love when you have a child. Watching you and Ryan on this journey is an awesome gift to me. Being a grandma is amazing and I just think about that little beautiful girl all the time. She is my little Hart. God is faithful in all ways that matter in this world. We have each other as a family and we have Him to be thankful too. Love you Chelsea!


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