I love to cook, and given that I was pregnant for the better part of the past year and now have a baby, I really love to cook recipes that are simple yet delicious and healthy.  Enter my favorite kitchen staple - our beloved LE CREUSET cast iron french oven.  We received one from our wedding registry three years ago and have put it to good use since.  A recipe where you can chop up, mix up and serve is perfect for busy weeknights, long Sunday afternoons for simmering away or any night where your schedule is not your own anymore, but your baby girl's.  Pretty much - prep, stir and simmer for as little or as long as you please.

That being said we've had this chicken gumbo a few times now and it's pretty good and healthy.  You can cook your own chicken or take some help from a rotisserie and the sausage is great in cut up links or ground, we've done it both ways.  The best part is that it doesn't have to take hours like a lot of gumbos require - you can have it ready to eat in about half an hour.  I like to add a few spices to kick it up a notch both heat-wise and for flavor, but you can add or take out whatever you'd like.  Click here for the recipe!

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  1. I absolutely LoOoVE my LE CREUSET Dutch Oven too! It's the little (incredibly expensive) things ;)


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