Look at her!  She has really grown in the past week... and she's got chub!  Cheeks, belly, chin, thighs, I love it.  My grandparents were out this past week and it was such a wonderful time.  My Nana was beside herself when she first saw her and Hartlynn spent the better part of the week laying contentedly on her chest.

Not only has she grown, but she's also figuring out she can do so much!  She smiles all the time now, and you can tell when she smiles at you from recognition.  I get a great big grin every morning when I look in her eyes.  She's also got quite the array of sounds too.  She'll squeak and yelp, her way of talking to us, and yes, we talk right back in our own little language.  She's sleeping for four to five hour chunks at night now, which feels amazing.

It's honestly still hard to believe she's my baby.  This beautiful, joyous girl that brings so much happiness to so many lives, mine exponentially every day.  I love you my SweetHart!

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