How about a Feel Good Friday up in here?!  It's been awhile but I really love these so I thought it was a perfect time to bring them back - right on the brink of a lovely three day weekend!  We're headed up to the mountains with Nana and Papa for baby girl's first vacation!  Here's to hoping she sleeps as well away as she does at home.  And thanks to Grandpa T for holding down the fort and watching the kitties while we're gone.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Our little ram!  For some reason I always dreamed of returning to the bookstore of my alma mater and buying little collegiate baby gear for my child.  We did that a few months ago on a trip up to Fort Collins and here I am dressing her in it on her ten week birthday!

CSU was the beginning of the hubs and I, and therefore, this lil' babe.  Go Rams!



Hooray for more fall posts!  This time it's of the apparel kind.  We all know fall fashion is the best and the coziest and the most fun to shop for, so I put together a collection of clothes and accessories that I would just love to have in my closet right about now... and it's pretty much made up of cozy sweaters, stripes, cute flats and pops of color in some fun accessories.  What about you?  What's on your wish list?

1. Carpe Diem Pullover by Banana Republic
2. Symmetrical Stone Statement Necklace by J.CREW
3. Printed Calf Hair Belt by GAP
4. Issa Collection Envelope Clutch by Banana Republic
5. Pinterest, source unknown
6. Driving Moccasins by GAP
7. Trimmed Sauble Tunic by Anthropologie
8. Colorblock Striped Dress by GAP
9. Stockholm Basic Leggings by francesca's
10. Cap Toe Pointy Flats by GAP

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  We're almost to our long Labor Day weekend!



Those pursed little lips... I can't even... she is so beautiful, she just captures me.  Last week in the single digits!  She is becoming more and more vocal every day!  It is so much fun interacting with her.  She'll imitate our sounds and have little conversations with us.  Also - she slept eight straight hours through the night, two nights in a row this past week!  Woohoo for sleep!  Part of that is due to the fact that she's still packing on the pounds.  Baby girl is up to 11 pounds this week and jumped to the 55th percentile.  That's right, girl's a good eater.  She went from the 5th percentile shortly after she was born and is now at the 55th.  Her doctor said this is usually when breastfed babes reach their highest percentile as far as weight goes.  She's also great at holding up her head, it still bobbles a bit but you can carry her around and she supports it pretty well, which she's done for the past few weeks now.  Here's her two-month appointment stats:
  • 11.065 pounds - 55th percentile in weight 
  •  22 3/4 inches - 50th percentile in height 
  •  75th percentile for head circumference - no ones she's such a smarty!



I love to cook, and given that I was pregnant for the better part of the past year and now have a baby, I really love to cook recipes that are simple yet delicious and healthy.  Enter my favorite kitchen staple - our beloved LE CREUSET cast iron french oven.  We received one from our wedding registry three years ago and have put it to good use since.  A recipe where you can chop up, mix up and serve is perfect for busy weeknights, long Sunday afternoons for simmering away or any night where your schedule is not your own anymore, but your baby girl's.  Pretty much - prep, stir and simmer for as little or as long as you please.

That being said we've had this chicken gumbo a few times now and it's pretty good and healthy.  You can cook your own chicken or take some help from a rotisserie and the sausage is great in cut up links or ground, we've done it both ways.  The best part is that it doesn't have to take hours like a lot of gumbos require - you can have it ready to eat in about half an hour.  I like to add a few spices to kick it up a notch both heat-wise and for flavor, but you can add or take out whatever you'd like.  Click here for the recipe!



My smiley little girl!  She has really started to give us intentional, recognizing smiles these days.  She's continuing to chunk up a bit too!  She still loves sleeping on people much more than her crib or cradle, so most of our days are spent cuddling, which is perfect.  She's sleeping well at night and even gave us a six-hour stretch!  Hartlynn May - you are such a joy.



As much as I love summer, we all know how much I really love fall.  Doesn't every girl?  The temperature has dropped here in Colorado, which feels great to me because every since I got pregnant and had a baby, I'm no longer perpetually cold and I'm really just tired of sweating all day everyday.  Anyway, these cookies are a wonderful way to welcome in the lovely time of year that is the end of summer and beginning of fall.

We all love chocolate chip cookies, and one of my favorite versions are my spiced pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I make every autumn, so I decided to combine the two and I really love the result: spiced chocolate chip cookies.  A zesty twist on the ultimate classic.

I'll make the recipe completely simple for you: just take your favorite chocolate chip recipe, add the following spices to the batter and bake!
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger




Look at her!  She has really grown in the past week... and she's got chub!  Cheeks, belly, chin, thighs, I love it.  My grandparents were out this past week and it was such a wonderful time.  My Nana was beside herself when she first saw her and Hartlynn spent the better part of the week laying contentedly on her chest.

Not only has she grown, but she's also figuring out she can do so much!  She smiles all the time now, and you can tell when she smiles at you from recognition.  I get a great big grin every morning when I look in her eyes.  She's also got quite the array of sounds too.  She'll squeak and yelp, her way of talking to us, and yes, we talk right back in our own little language.  She's sleeping for four to five hour chunks at night now, which feels amazing.

It's honestly still hard to believe she's my baby.  This beautiful, joyous girl that brings so much happiness to so many lives, mine exponentially every day.  I love you my SweetHart!



Hey look!  I'm blogging, and it's not a picture of my big ol' belly or my baby girl... although baby girl will still be the center of this show, of course.  Anyway, this quote is so true, right?  These past six and a half weeks have really solidified that for me.  Family is everything and I am so thankful to have the one I do.  It still feels too good to be true that we have a beautiful, healthy baby.  Everything is so amplified once you're a parent - all emotions are kicked up like, a million notches.  Love, fear, desire, exhaustion, joy, it's an adjustment in all aspects of life and it caught me off guard, in the best way, which I guess is normal.

I'll have Hartlynn's birth story coming soon, it was such an emotional day, I find myself constantly replaying it in my mind to grasp every last detail.  I'll have to work on an abridged version since the one I wrote for myself is seven pages long.

Life is good.  Baby girl and I are settling into a routine and I am feeling more human everyday.  I remember our doctor telling us to record everything, take pictures, video, because the first few months are a blur.  At my follow-up appointment, he acknowledged the fact that life changes so fast and so drastically, it can be overwhelming.  One day you're pregnant, it's just you and your husband and you've got this idea of a baby coming, but really you can't prepare yourself at all for what's to come.  Then the next day (and one you can't mark on your calendar and countdown to since it's up to baby), you've gone through the most physically, mentally and emotionally demanding event of your life, you have a baby to care for, you're no longer pregnant, people are coming and going although you really don't know who and home is completely different.  It's a trip, but the most amazing one ever at that.

It feels good to have life revolve around someone other than yourself, honestly.  I feel more accomplished from her birth until now than I have in my entire life previously.

Thank you for all the prayers, support, and help.  It was absolutely invaluable and it is so evident that this little girl has so many people praying for her, and us.  Know that we're praying for you too - those starting families, or trying to.  Newlyweds and those tying the knot soon.  Friends, family in all stages of life.  We are so blessed, but it's not to say that we haven't had our ups and downs as well.  We understand some of what you all are going through, and some stuff we don't understand, but we're praying for you and appreciate you praying for us.  We all need each other, don't we?

I'm excited to get back at this blogging thing and include more recipes, DIYs, a house tour... all that good stuff.  But really, it will still likely revolve around the great stuff, my family.

Have a wonderful week all!

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How is she already six weeks old?!  She is really developing her little personality and it's so much fun.  We get more and more smiles each day, she's recognizing more, and sleeping four to five hours at night!  Her and I are starting to fall into a bit of a routine and fending on our own.  My mom has been with us almost daily and it's been the greatest blessing.  Her and Hartlynn are best buds and I'm so thankful she has such a loving Nana.  Not to mention the laundry, meals, walks, errands and favors she has absolutely spoiled us with.  We love you Nana!