I've been busy cuddling baby girl lately which is why the blogging hasn't been so active, but like they say everything else can wait, because my baby is only a baby once.  The past month has been so much of everything... so many emotions, so many changes, so much love.  This little girl has changed my world in ways I could never imagine.

To document Hartlynn, I've continued the weekly photo tradition started in my sixth week of pregnancy by taking a picture of her every week... and she's already up to five weeks old!  Her first week of life was spent in a daze.  We took some advice from our childbirth classes and stayed in bed all day long the first several days home from the hospital.  It was perfect, the three of us cuddling all day long, slowly getting used to this new life.  At her first newborn check just a few days after she was born, she was pretty tiny, at only the 5th percentile for weight and 50th for height, but she really made up for it the next several weeks, jumping up to the 30th percentile for weight and staying at 50th for height, and she's jumped up more since then!

She really does become more beautiful every day...

Weeks two through five coming right up!

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