Pomelo, cantaloupe and corn, oh my!  No, pomelo wasn't the suggested fruit of the week, but my husband, who loves to try new, exotic fruits, picked it up both for our weekly picture since it was right on size and to eat later.  Win, win.

Here's weeks 23 to 25.  In a few more short weeks, I will begin my third trimester which blows. my. mind.  This little baby sure is growing!  And moving around to prove it, I seriously feel her all over, in places I didn't even know she could get to!  Yesterday, I even got my first little love kick that hurt the slightest bit, haha.  Loved it though.  I've had several people tell me how much you miss feeling the baby move inside you and I already miss it just thinking about it!  It's such an incredible experience, I'm so thankful and I love this little girl so much I cry when I think of holding her.

Ok, enough babbling and on to the documentation... can you tell the pregnancy hormones have kicked up my emotions a notch or two?




This past weekend we officially began the nursery!  Well, a few weeks ago my mom and I spent a day clearing it out and organizing and donating and re-arranging (since it used to be the guest bedroom) so that was really the start, but this past Saturday, we began work on the room itself.  My oh-so-sweet husband and oh-so-kind dad primed the nursery so we can paint it.  Given that and the inspiration I posted last week, it's the perfect time to share baby girl's nursery moodboard I made.  She's rolling away right now, so she must be excited.  Over the moodboard, of course.

 We're having a girl and I do love me some pink, so we're planning a soft, cozy, modern nursery with a color palette of gray and warm shades of light pink.  Here's what I put together!

I'm so excited to start putting everything together!  Next step is painting the walls and then we can begin bringing in all the big and little stuff for baby girl.

Photo credits: tassels, giraffe print, pillows, poms, fabric, room, banner, hangers.



The reality of having a baby girl is really starting to set in and I find myself completely overcome with emotions more often than not these days.  I've already felt things I didn't know possible, I cannot imagine the experience when she makes her arrival.

One of the (many, many) emotions is excitement of course.  We just can't wait to be holding her, see what she looks like, watch her personality develop... there's so much to look forward to!  So why I'm still enjoying having her in my belly and feeling her throughout everyday, I'm channeling some of my excitement to one of the more fun to-do's of having a baby... the nursery!  After already making numerous moodboards and browsing tons of inspiration, I've come up with the images below that really capture what we're going for.

I'll be back soon with the official baby girl nursery moodboard I've created!  For now, enjoy the beautiful images below!

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.



Time for some belly-growth documentation to capture the past month!  This different perspective, as opposed to just looking in the mirror, blew my mind!  There's definitely a belly there!



Even though we told our siblings several months ago, of all the excitement of having a baby and announcing our news, telling them was definitely one of the things we were most looking forward to, so I had to make sure it was documented.  They are all so excited, and we are too, knowing what amazing aunts and uncles this kid will have.

To officially announce it to my brother and sister, we picked out their favorite candy and I wrote up a little poem for each of them...

I will cherish these pictures forever.  Such joy!

Then to tell Ryan's younger sister, I came up with a fun little way of kindly notifying her that she is no longer the baby of the family.  It took a few minutes, but her reaction was unforgettable.  Since Ryan's brother was out of town, we told him over then phone and of course he's just as excited as the rest.

So that's how we spilled the beans to baby girl's aunts and uncles.  Now they just can't wait for her to get here!