We had a wonderful Christmas, and yes I realize it was more than a month ago and had I been on top of it, I would have blogged these things a week before Christmas like a proper blogger, but I'm over here busy growing a human and all, so here we are.  And since I treat this blog as documentation of our lives as much as anything, it's all good.

Christmas was wonderful, and I can proudly say that the gifts my parents gave us (a Bible with a plan to read through it in a year, a prenatal yoga DVD and Ryan's beloved roaster) are all getting great use.  So let's make those things our New Year's Resolutions too, shall we?

Those and gaining weight.  That's my main resolution.  So far, so good!

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  1. ooh lovely! Love that nativity set too... one-year-bible is the best, I've loved it!


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