Let's continue the catch up, shall we?  I know we're into the second month of the new year, but I still wanted to share our New Year's Day events.  Our New Year's Eve events aren't much to share since they consisted of ordering pizza and passing out (no alcohol involved) before the clock struck midnight.  Ha, before it struck ten.  Oh, how life changes...

Anyway, we love hosting get-togethers with family and friends and although we've yet to take on a major holiday yet (we did host a Mother's Day brunch last year), we jumped at the chance to make a New Year's Day dinner for our family.  Here's just a few pics from the day...

It was pretty casual for the most part, with the exception of my husband's seriously amazing turkey.  Brined and baked, it was delish.  I also had the idea to use all the fortune cookies we've accumulated from ordering Chinese food as little place settings.  They also to provided a fun little fortune for the new year.

We had a great time, so maybe it'll become a tradition of sorts?  Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. This is SO CUTE!! New Year's Day is also "my" Holiday lol I am looking forward to expanding it in future years, once Bran & I settle into a home of our own :) P.S. My hairstylist had on some SERIOUSLY CUTE maternity skinny cargos on the other day. I will ask her where she shopped while she was preggers :)


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