In our current house and our old condo, the room that takes the award for most time spent in it is definitely the family room.  Whether it's reading and doing homework, eating dinner and catching up on Netflix, or sitting and talking over a bottle of wine, we spend a lot of time there.  So it only makes sense to make it something we love.  You can see pictures of our family room in our first place here, which we made pretty cozy and functional, but the family room in our new place is not that far along yet... 

Right now it's comfy, but sparse as far as decorations and accessories go, so I created a moodboard to instil some inspiration to get 'er done.  I already had ideas floating around in my head as to what I wanted (big, comfy couch, plenty of seating, relaxing palette with pops of color and a big gallery wall) so I incorporated those ideas right off the bat and then just layered in whatever felt "us."

We already have a couch that is very similar to the one here, I've got frames collecting for a gallery wall and we just bought two thin shelves for the other wall.  Oh, and we've also got the rattan ottoman (scored from an open house my father-in-law had for free!).  So now it's time to get a new coffee table (more on that here), layer in some accessories and start hanging!  Oh, and time to get rid of our college dorm room lamp for real!

P.S.  You've gotta love the little pillow I tucked in there, right?

P.S.S.  Check it out - my little fall leaves made themselves into another feature over on Sunny Slide Up!  Check out their blog here, it's a pretty fun concept - a group of women looking to not just encourage but celebrate creativity!