Here's a little series called "Feel Good Friday."  It started with my "Feel Good" Pinterest board where I collect all things happy... uplifting sayings, beautiful pictures, little laughs, pure inspiration.  I often find myself trolling through it just because it brings a smile to my face and I thought it would be fun to share the feel good with you!  I'll be posting a little something happy every Friday to get the weekend started right and set our perspectives straight.

To kick of the series, here's a simple, yet perfect quote.  If we only told ourselves this every morning, we would give ourselves a much better chance at having a good day.  How often do we write off a day as not great because there's a dentist appointment to go to or we didn't have time to do our hair in the morningSo what?!  Remind yourself, it can still be a good day, selfHope you enjoy!  Please feel free to share whatever it is that's making you feel good!


Dear Husband: thanks for being such a great cat daddy (father to our felines, not the dance).  What would I do if I couldn't text you in the middle of the grocery store to see what kind of food our fur babies eat?  You're a better parent than I.

Dear Winter: welcome!  I know I get sick and tired (literally) of you sometimes, but it's only because you last a good half the year here.  When you first arrive and I get to cuddle up indoors while big fat flakes fall, I love you.

Dear Corner Edge of Car Door: thank you not at all for nailing me in the butt when I bent down to grab my car keys that I droppedThere was a genuine laugh/cry there.

Dear Mom and Sisturd: thank you for coming over, bringing pizza and making me laugh, as always.  That was some much needed girl time!
Dear Friends with Adorable Toddler and Bun in the Oven: we are so, so excited to see you this weekend!  What a sweet little family you guys are.

Dear Friday's Letters: thank you for making me think this morning and be a little bit creative... time to go get coffee.

Dear Readers: thank you for stopping by here on your busy Friday.  Enjoy the rest of it!

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