Coffee, coffee, coffee.  Obviously an important thing around here.  After all, we are planning on setting up our own little coffee and tea nook.  One of our favorite local coffee shops, and definitely my husband's favorite, is cafe velo.  It's bike shop meets coffee shop and both offerings are pretty high-end and delicious (well, at least the coffee is delicious... although it wouldn't surprise me if the hubs called the bikes the same).

The cafe has this great industrial feel with high ceilings that boast these unbelievably huge fans.  To give you a perspective, each blade is around ten feet long.  Yet it still manages to feel warm and inviting, given the employees' genuinely friendly vibe and impressively educated passion for java.

Cafe velo hosted a signature coffee tasting this past Saturday morning with a really interesting approach.  They used the same beans for each tasting but brewed the coffee using three different methods.  To be honest, I just had to text my husband and ask what the three methods were... but here they are nonetheless.  I just sat there and enjoyed.  Although I was able to tell a difference between each brewing method, which I was pretty proud of.  Anyway, they brewed it with a french press, with a manual pour over with a filter, and with a chemex.  I like the one below on the left, the chemex I believe, mostly because it's purdy.

We also got some scrumptious green chili breakfast burritos... yum.  Coffee date anyone?  We're up for it anytime.