Hi there!  Glad you're here.  If I were sitting next to you, I'd offer a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on what time it is... or not) and invite you to sit and stay awhile.

Like many of you, I started this blog as an online journal for friends and family documenting the married life of my husband and I and it has since turned into much more.  Inspiration, a wonderful avenue for meeting amazing people (like you!) and a desperately needed creative outlet.  You'll come across food and drink, house and home, love and life... all in my messy beautiful world.

For those who have been here awhile, thank you!  I love you.  For those of you who are new, I would love to get to know you, so feel free to leave some love. It's because of that kind of stuff that this is my little happy place.  This and Target, of course.

Have yourself a wonderfully blessed Saturday!


Dear Husband: thank you for working so hard at work and school and then coming home and pulling more than your weight around here.  Although, if you need something to work on, you know, for a challenge, you could try picking up that little trail of stuff that follows you around the house when you get home every day.  You know, briefcase, tie, shoes...
Dear Friday's Letters: I like you.  You make me reflect on the week and think about what I appreciate (or don't) about it.  You're fun to write up, which leads me to...
Dear Wine and Blogging: you are my favorite.  Even though it's a major nerd alert, I love this duo.  FYI: I typed these up last night, so no, I'm not having wine for breakfast.
Dear Pumpkins: you are all over the house in every color, finish, and style I could imagine, and I love it. 

Dear Other Bloggers With Cute Outfit Posts: you make me feel like a bag-lady sometimes.  But I love the inspiration and maybe I'll have to kick things up a notch.  Which means not just wearing a cute outfit once a week when we go out on a date or with friends.
Dear Halloween: you are coming up soon and I'm giddily excited because we now live in a neighborhood with tons of little kiddos and I know we'll get tons of trick-or-treaters!  And therefore, tons of candy.
Dear Readers: you make my day, each and every day.  Much love.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you back on Monday!