Since we moved in to our new home over six months ago, we're learning what works for us and we're trying to incorporate elements to make our lives just that much easier.  A daily routine for us both is coffee or tea, and after seeing inspiration like the image below, I thought the similar little empty wall in our kitchen would make a perfect coffee and tea nook.

I mean, wouldn't you just love to have a similar setup in your home?  It would make your morning routine just lovely, right?  It would be especially great when guest come over and they could help themselves to coffee or tea as they please.

Originally, I was planning on putting some fun wine storage there so I would love to incorporate that into the mix as well.  Wine is probably almost as common a reason to go to the kitchen as caffeine, anyway.

As for the "furniture" for the nook, we have been looking at various kitchen carts, but they tend to be somewhat pricey for what you're getting and we really haven't come across anything we love.  So... enter existing Ikea shelving unit.  We bought this when we first moved in for extra storage and it's since been floating around the house.  However, it occurred to me one day that it might just be the perfect fit for our kitchen nook.  And it was!  Love when work-with-what-you-have actually works.  We might upgrade to a for-real kitchen cart one day, but for now, this will work wonderfully.

It looks pretty small in this picture, but it's actually a pretty good size.  Once we add some storage above, it should help balance that big blank wall too.

As you can see, we've got a basic set up right now with a few mugs and some loose leaf tea, but the plan is to install some storage on the wall above the shelves for cookbooks and mugs, add some wine storage in the shelves themselves and set up the hubby's fancy espresso machine.

Stay tuned for more coffee and tea and wine, oh my!

Photo credit: The Vintage Wren.