Hellooo Monday!  This past weekend flew by, but really, what weekend doesn't?  We spent a good part of ours pumpkin carving and decorating.  I found these adorable little ghost pumpkins at Whole Foods and had to bring a few of them home in addition to our traditional ones that we carved up.

Instead of carving them all, I had some paint lying around and decided it would be fun to paint the two white ones.  And of course, the infamous ombre and chevron patterns worked their way into the mix.

To paint the chevron one, I taped off the pattern with Frog Tape and painted the two black layers.  I then went back and painted the bronze layer by hand and touched up the black by hand as well.

The ombre pumpkin was super easy.  Just grab a paintbrush, paint the middle layer of your pumpkin and then go back and paint the top layer, blending the two colors just slightly.

What do your pumpkins look like this year?  There are so many great ideas out there now, you could take out an entire pumpkin patch decorating and carving and painting!

Have a fabulous week everyone!