Dear Friday's Letters: this is the first time I am writing you and I think it's great!  Should be fun.
Dear Husband: I knew it was a good idea to marry you, but I had no idea just how good it would be.  Seeing God's plan unfold in our life together has been amazing so far.
Dear Friday: glad you're here... you took a little longer to arrive than expected, but you made it and that's what counts.
Dear Leaves: I've got a few little projects featuring you that I'm excited to share soon!  Now people will stop thinking I'm a nut because I pull over every time I see a tree with gorgeous leaves on it!  Hooray!
Dear Theo: you're a cat.  You really shouldn't be able to open cabinets and closet doors and nightstand drawers.  Do we really have to childproof cat-proof our house?!  We love you for it though.
Dear Cold: it's time you leave for good.  I'm sick and tired (literally) of you lingering and the going through an entire box of Kleenex/not being able to breathe through my nose/downing NyQuil at night is getting old (how's that for a pretty picture?)
Dear Fall: I've said it many times before, but you are and always have been my favorite.  The colors and the coziness just can't be beat.
Dear Colorado: it was one rough summer for us given everything that happened here, but you are still as beautiful as ever and arguably the best state in the nation.  I think this new season will do us all some good.
Dear Readers: thanks for stopping by!  Each and every one of you, I'm happy you're here.