Remember when I talked about the entryway moodboards I created here, and the inspiration for them here?  Well guess what... our entryway is finished!  Cue the happy dance.  I've wanted a warm and welcoming area in our foyer since we moved in and the fact that it is a small space with only one wall to work with made it a bit of a challenge.  But the perfect little table finally presented itself and then I used a mirror we had laying around and collected accessories we already had as well and with that, finally our entryway feels like it should.

I still want to add a cozy runner and a cute coat rack, but it's come a long way.  Oh, and I put a source list at the bottom with links if available.  Now, without further rambling, welcome to our little entryway!

You all know I love my neutrals, but as I've mentioned before, I want to incorporate a bit more color in our house.  Starting here with some warm shades of green.

Given my love of fall, I couldn't help but incorporate some autumnal elements as well.

So there we go, this to-do can (almost completely) be crossed off the big old house list.  This area served as inspiration to carry this color scheme into the rest of our home.  It feels homey and cozy but still fun and modern, which is the style I love.  And I've already got a few more updates in the works based on this color palette, so stay tuned!

Source List:
Mirror - Hobby Lobby
Console table - Target
Woven vase - Home Goods
Candy dish - Michaels
Candle holder - our local grocery store
Sea urchin - Dwell Studio
Flavors - Nordstrom
Entertaining With The Seasons - Williams Sonoma
Fresh American Spaces - Barnes and Noble
Faux sheepskin rug - Ikea
Woven basket - Michaels
Lantern - don't remember, sorry!
Candle - our unity candle from our wedding

Also, thank you to Michaela Noelle Designs for the inspiration found here, and seriously, go check out her blog, it's a daily read around here.  Hopefully you're having a great week!  The lower temperatures around here feel oh-so-wonderful, don't they?!