It was the time of year for house-crashing galore, a.k.a. the Parade of Homes.  We headed out yesterday to see what the builders had to offer and enjoyed poking our heads into some pretty fancy-schmancy places... which, in a weird way, make me really appreciate our cozy little home.  I don't think I could live in a huge house... the overwhelming cleaning and lack of coziness just isn't our thing I guess, haha.  Anyone else feel me on that?  Anyway, this is the second year in a row we've gone together and you can check out the eye candy from last year right here.

We only went to five houses this year since we only had an afternoon to wander and let's be hones, you're really only interested in the million dollar ones when it comes to this.

It's safe to say my taste is a bit more modern than a lot of the Parade homes, but I love the details they've got and the innovative ideas anyone could use.  Starting with these attached bar seats.  No more constantly tucking in chairs.

Another genius idea that I've been waiting for someone to come out with, a "hidden" TV.  It looks like a mirror when it's off.  Brilliant.  TVs are quite the eyesore to me, especially in the bedroom (although we've agreed no TV in the bedroom period).

Oh yeah, I WANT this bathtub!

More great tile work...

One of the homes had a completely hidden room.  There were bookshelves that looked completely normal from the outside but open up into a loft.  How fun!

There was also a ton of stenciling, wallpaper and fun paint ideas.

Sweet little desk for a girl and fun buckets of toys for a young boy.

These mini plantation shutters were kind of funny, I've never seen them before.  Love me plantation shutters no matter what though.

This was fun.  Instead of crown molding, there were a bunch of stripes in different colors and widths painted on the wall and ceiling.  So creative!

The picture on the left below is simple but something I definitely want to do when we re-paint our master bedroom: paint the ceiling.  This one was a couple shades darker than the walls and made it completely cozy.  It also makes it look much more finished.  Don't ignore the fifth wall in the room!

Just cute...

Next up, I don't care who you are or what style you prefer... anyone would love this view, right?!  It literally went for miles and miles and miles...

That wraps up our little tour for this year.  Always fun to look around in other people's homes.  Have a great week!