Let the entryway saga continue... after tweaking these moodboards more than several times, I have finally nailed some ideas down for our entryway.  I'm thinking a small console table (it's going to have to be pretty small so that both the front door and the garage door can open without hitting it), a lamp, a mirror and a fun pendent lamp for the foyer.  Now I just have to choose what look I'm going for... hence, the moodboards.  I gathered a few inspirational ideas and threw them together in a previous post, which you can check out here, and have since then created these ideas myself for our specific space.

Which one is your favorite?  I've got it narrowed down to a few of these and I think a winner is emerging!  Guess I should also run them past the husband to see what he thinks before I start putting the space together, huh?

Give me your thoughts!

Thank you for your input!  I'll be back soon (hopefully) with an update of our entryway actually starting to evolve.  Happy Tuesday!