Good morning and happy Friday... and for that matter, happy June!  It seems like the first few months of the year really dragged on, but April and May have just flown by.  With June officially here, it feels like summer, huh?  And June will be forever extra-special because it's our anniversary month!  I can't believe we're coming up on two years soon!  I looked at Ryan last night and said "can you believe we're married?!"  That fact still hits me sometimes and makes me giddy.  To think our second anniversary is around the corner is just crazy.

Moving on to the post now - I figured it was time for another moodboard so I put together one that would bring a fresh breath of air into any space with natural materials and some fun pops of green and blue.  I've found myself gravitating towards all shades of green lately and I love the fun and slightly unexpected vibe it brings...

So now it's time to get through Friday and then enjoy a fun-packed weekend.  We're doing dinner with friends Saturday night and then it's our first pool day on Sunday.  I cannot wait!  Oh yeah, and throw in a pedicure with my mom tonight too... it's going to be great!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!