First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to my little brother!  Although he's definitely not so little anymore... in height, age (haha) or educational status.  He just graduated from UCCS with his bachelor's and we could not be more proud of him.

He is one of the strongest people I know and has accomplished so much so far.  We had a blast celebrating with him all day long, from the ceremony to lunch to party!

Now get ready for a big long post full of pictures and me oozing with pride and love for my brother...

There he is!  Looking at this, it is simply crazy that my lil' brother was wearing a cap and gown for his college graduation.

Doing a good job following his older sister's instructions to look up and wave often.

Getting ready!

Making it official!  He was greeted with such warmth from everyone.

Especially one of his professors, in the picture to the above right.  He was about to walk down the stairs but she grabbed him for a hug, it was so sweet.

Diploma in hand, held high!

So proud, so so proud!

My proud parents.

I absolutely love these next few photos... they capture my mom and brother so well.  Both are full of love, compassion, intuition and they have such huge hearts.  Plus, I had to capture this so my mom could put one of them in the frame my brother got my mom for mother's day.  One side of them at her graduation and the other side at his.

And here's the two of us!  Did I mention how proud I am?!

Another clue into how much Danny is loved... he had a group of friends that came to the actual ceremony to support him.  And believe me, they made their presence known when he walked across the stage.  I'm not biased when I say it might have been the loudest cheer for all the graduates.


After the ceremony, we went to The Broadmoor for lunch and were able to wander around a bit.

The party continues!  After lunch, it was off to my parent's house for a delicious dinner and a champagne toast.  Cheers!

CONGRATULATIONS DANNY!  I am so proud of who you are and love you so much!