We have begun to appreciate another bonus of having our own house... having a yard!  Although ours may be more of a "yardlet" than a yard, it's still all ours to do with which we please.  And what we please is planting herbs for food and drinks.

The other day we bought some mint, chocolate mint, basil... and catnip.  And you totally owe me ten bucks if "crazy cat people" just came to your mind.  Looks like I'm going shopping this weekend.

Anyway, after we picked up these little guys we picked out a spot in our front garden area to plant them.  They're tiny right now but hopefully they spread soon.  We've heard they do that, especially the mint.  As for where we planted them, we wanted to put them out front because that area gets the most sun, and I also wanted them somewhere easily accessible so we could just walk out and grab them when needed.  They're right off our front steps.  Just the thought of cooking up dinner and walking out on our front porch to grab some fresh herbs makes me smile.

So enough babbling, come take a look!


Haha, sigh... I wish.  Someday though!  Here's the real deal, it may be a small little start but it's a start nonetheless and we're excited!

There is still a lot of work to do, but it's not really work when you're sitting outside soaking up the sun, is it?  We'll keep you posted on how our herbs are turning out over the summer.  Here's to mojitos with fresh mint!

Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!  We're heading up to run the Bolder Boulder and spend a relaxing weekend wandering around.  Wish us luck!