Another photo round-up of our lives over the past month...

new kitchen rug // stick 'em up! // tree blossoms // rain

nosh // patterned pillow // margs with friends // homemade meatballs

sushi // moodboard madness // fun dress // our little lawn

la sandia // monday night // cool lamp // sparkle mug

 spring has sprung // beer flight // crave with my bro // shelter mags

wonderful for the tum // nighttime // hide and seek // breakfast

new sea urchin // more margs with friends // bright moon // mother's day crafting

afternoon java // just driving // shuga's // summer fruit

celebrating with prosecco // sister's prom // gorgeousness // boys and girls

free cookies // sweet colorings at work // congrats brother! // lunch at The Broadmoor

Happy Monday everyone!  This past weekend we attended and celebrated my brother's college graduation and we could not be more proud of him.  Yay brother!  Of course I'll have a post of everything up soon.  Have a good week!