We hosted a Mother's Day Brunch for our lovely moms this past Sunday and it was such a great time with both our families together.  You can check out the moodboard I created for it here.  Our moms both deserved this more than you know and my mom kept commenting on how nice it was to enjoy Mother's Day without having to do anything.  Looks like it might become a tradition... until we have kids, and then it's just up to Ryan, haha.

We hosted it at our place and did the food and decorations as well.  I have to admit, putting it together was a large part of the fun.

We wanted each place card to read "Mom", so we each did our own for our respective mothers.  Can you guess who did which one?

For the table decorations, I just threw down a couple of tablecloths, a burlap runner, and punched out a bunch of paper dots to sprinkle along the table.  I also made some tissue poms for the first time, which turned out well.  Then I grabbed those gorgeous peonies, and oh how I wish they would last forever.  By the way, ask Ryan to pronounce "peony" for you, it'll give you a good laugh, as it did the lady in Whole Foods.  Love you babe!

Onto the more important part: the food.  We whipped up two quiches, strawberry and avocado salsa with cinnamon chips, a light salad and some lemon ricotta cookies.  For drinks, we had blackberry lemonade and water with mint, ginger, lemon and cucumber.  I really wish I had remembered to take a picture of the drinks, because they were so pretty!  Oh well.

Now onto the most important part: the people!  Here's my brother, my mom and I.

And Ryan with his brother, mother and sister.

Oh yeah, and one more drink we made - these delicious champagne cocktails with lemon sorbet and mint.  Yes, that is the perfect summer treat right there.  And here's my dad laughing at me for taking a picture of a drink, along with many other inanimate objects.

For each of our moms, we picked out a fun summer scarf, some nice soap and of course, some decadent chocolate.

My brother gave my mom a picture of the two of them from her recent Master's graduation.  The other side is reserved for a picture of the two of them at his upcoming graduation!

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day and that you were able to spend it with your mom.  Happy (late) Mother's Day to all the moms and mommas-to-be out there!  Lucky for me, I've got the best mom in the world, so I feel extra blessed at this time of the year.  Love you mom!  I've also got a pretty amazing mother-in-law as well, so I'm doubly blessed.  Love you too!