We just decided to host a Mother's Day brunch this weekend so we've got less than one week to put it together.  When we were house-hunting, one of the main reasons I was so excited was so we could entertain properly.  Which means not having to bring in a bunch of mis-matched chairs, have people park across the street in commercial building parking lots or worry about music volume.

The holidays will definitely bring a chance to throw a big, fun family holiday dinner, but Mother's Day presented the perfect opportunity to have a get-together right now.  That and the fact that both of our moms more than deserve it.

So given that we only have a few days to put it together (that and my type-A personality), I created a little "to do" list to keep us on track along with this idea board to help remember what recipes and decorations we want.

We may or may not have everything listed here, but it's definitely a start!  And I guess if either of the moms see it and request a certain something, we'll have to accommodate, of course.  Like I said, they deserve it! 

Mother's Day Brunch

There it is!  Time to start making these ideas happen... good thing I enjoy all this!  Anyone else planning on throwing a get-together for Mother's Day?