It's about time for the infamous "life according to my iPhone and Instagram" post... so here is just that... get ready for a photo dump.  It is about time for some pictures of our lives on this blog though, right?

snowy day at the office // rose from the hubs // inspiration // our babies

 color! // green smoothie // leopard print flats // light fixture for our dining room

 our front door // scrabble // our street // eye candy

 baby girl // nuggets game // delish bbq // baby boy

 forks // no heat curls // sign // clouds on the drive to work

 st. patty's day treat // little paw // shades // handsome

 new coffee gadget // mexican for dinner // corner of our home // jamba

 folly pack // constant reminder // bright blue eyes // anthro candle

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a joyous Easter.  Be back soon!