Today, and everyday, I am thankful for:
  • my husband - besides my faith, he is the greatest gift I've been given, he is exactly what I need and it is amazing to see pieces of why God brought us together.  I knew when I married him that it was the best decision I'd made, but God was so much more all-knowing in how and why we are together.  The hubs also works so hard at everything he does and really is one of the most passionate people I know... whether he's designing websites or making dinner.
  • my family - we have been through so much and are so strong, I would not trade them for the world and am beyond blessed that they are the ones I'm doing life with.  I always remember thinking when I was young, looking around at other families that I was so lucky... now I know it's not luck but still feel the same exact way.
  • specifically, my parents - I am blessed to have been raised by them and admire their dedication to one another and their children.  I am so very thankful for their strong marriage that is the foundation for our family, after all, they are going on 35 years this year!  It's also wonderful knowing how much they support Ryan and I, and our marriage and how close we have all gotten over the years.
  • specifically, my siblings - they are my best friends and can make me laugh like no one else, the bond I have with them is incredibly strong and always will be.  I love you two more than you know.
  • my husband's relationship with his father - it is so comforting to know that my husband has such a Godly role model in his life and someone he can always lean on, he has been a great support for us both over the past five years and is a rare example of what it means to be truly selfless.
  • my in-laws - you all love Ryan and I like there's no tomorrow and we never take that for granted.
  • my best friends - each of you is in my life for a specific reason and I'm so grateful you are, I love you all and need to see you often.
  • co-workers - you know who you are, thanks for letting me talk and making me laugh.
  • The Day-Afters - you guys rock, we get so much more out of our group and each individual than we thought we would.
Sometimes you need to take a step back... these bullet points are not for the purpose of spouting off a list of the good things in life, but rather a perspective check.