There have been many times we've wanted to buy a big piece of furniture to replace our hand-me-downs and outdated college furniture, but we've always held off since we were renting.  Now that we have a place owned under our own two names though, we can finally start making some investment purchases.

That's not to say we're going to run out and completely furnish our whole house all at once... definitely not.  But we have bought a few things that fit our house and our lifestyle and that we expect to have for awhile.

Like a couch... the one below is one I bought during my college years and while it's done the job so far, it was too small for the space, and frankly, for both of us.  Someone (usually the hubs) always ended up with feet in their face and having people over meant sitting on the floor.  We wanted a sectional so we could fits lots of people, a neutral but not bland color, and a modern but comfy style.

We looked at pretty much every furniture store here in the Springs and then headed up to Denver.  After a trip to Ikea without much luck (at least in the couch department, we did find some other good stuff there), Ryan suggested we head over to the random furniture store next door.  Sure enough, we hit the jackpot... but first, a couple of before shots:

And now for our brand new beauty!  I have to give Ryan credit not only for finding the store, but also the couch itself.  He found it way back in the corner, and there was only one.  The color is a bit dark and saturated in this picture, but it's closest to the shade on the left under the lamp, a warm gray.

We love the fact that we can both sprawl out on it and the chaise is more than comfy.  Plus, it was a third of the price of the other couches we looked at!

Here's a somewhat awkward shot, just to show how it fits in the room...

So there you go!  Our first big home purchase... aww, we're growing up apparently.  Ok, I'm done talking about a couch now, thanks for sticking with me.  Have a wonderful (and warm!) weekend everyone!