Welcome back to the abode!  This time, you can get a little workout in and head upstairs.  Here's what the second story in our little home looked like on moving day, starting with the view when you walk in the front door.

Looove me some built-ins... oh, the accessorizing that will be done here.  I'm sure it will always be evolving, but it will be fun.  This little loft area was a complete bonus.  We were planning on a three-bedroom and using one as the office, but now we've got this cozy little corner for a work/study/lounge area.

While your looking at the picture below, can I say that I really don't understand why window dressings stay when a house sells?  They're easy to take down and a personal styling choice, so why leave them?  It looks strange to have a house empty of everything except curtains.  If you have the answer to this issue, let me know, I'd love to hear it.

Moving on to the guest bedrooms and those beautiful chair rails.  There are lots of little details that make our little home pretty special.  At least to us, they do.  I guess most people wouldn't care about a chair rail if it was smacking them in the back of the head.  Anyway, on with the tour.

Guest bathroom and one of the several areas that needs a wallpaper-stripping in the very near future.

Go a bit further down the hall and you'll find our bedroom.  The lighting in these pictures makes the wall color look about twelve shades of brown/gray/red.  The most true-to-life representation is probably the third picture down, and yes, it is all painted the same color.  Just looks crazy different between the three shots below.

Another little detail, I love how the bedroom part of the room is framed off from the closet and bathroom area.  It's the little things.

Our master closet, which by the way, is split pretty much half and half between Ryan and I, despite what a certain birthday card to Ryan from certain parents of mine might have read.   I've got pictures to prove it, so be watching for that follow-up.

Last but not least, our bathroom.  And another place where wallpaper must go.  Wallpaper and valences, out.  Last little detail though, look at those high counters.  These make a world of difference for Ryan and I, being a rather tall couple.

Well, thanks for stopping by again and have a relaxing weekend!  This will be the first one of those in a long time for us, so we're looking forward to it.