This past weekend was the hubby's 25th birthday and it was one of the best weekends ever.  Really.  It was one of those where you get truly sad because it's over.  Friday was his actual birthday and we received the amazing blessing of being snowed in, in our new home.

Then Saturday we had both our families over to celebrate.  That was something I've dreamed of, a home to hold all our family in and a kitchen table big enough to seat everyone.  It was absolutely perfect in all ways.  Now enough blubbering by me and on with the pictures...

Of course there was a fine brew brought over by my parents.  Love their taste in beer and wine.

Here's the table I was talking about.  We've got 12 people there... our very own big fat family dinner!

Now get ready for more blubbering.  Since this was a milestone birthday for Ryan, I wanted to do something memorable and lasting.  So starting before Christmas, I've been gathering letters from each of his family members to put in a book for him.  Birthday letters, but so much more.  This was one of the most emotional things I've ever done and reading them as they came in made me so aware of how blessed I am.

Which is why I cried like a baby when he opened it...

I've got a post about the 25 letters for his 25th coming soon just because it was such an amazing experience to do for him and it ended up being such a gift for me too.

His other gift?  I caved on a TV.  I knew he was getting gift cards from his parents, so I decided to make up the rest.  I have to admit, I do love it.

Time for cake!  And one amazing one at that.  I had my good and amazingly talented friend Katira make him one and we decided on an outdoorsy theme, complete with a little Ryan on his bike!

Even the little wreath I made got dressed up for the occasion.  Again, it was an amazing celebration followed by our good friends coming over to continue the festivities.  Special day for a very special guy.  Happy, happy, happy 25th birthday Ryan!