Here's a post I've been bursting with excitement to share with you all: pictures of our new home!  Of course putting together our new place is a process over months and years and a room is never really "finished," but we've been pretty busy unpacking, arranging and re-arranging, organizing and decorating here at Casa de Tollis.  And it thrills me to no end... seriously, this stuff gets my heart rate going.

As I've mentioned before, we held off on making any large purchases while we were renting and now that we have a house, we've started to invest in a few larger furnishings.  We're doing this while trying to stick to a budget and make thrifty finds that we can re-purpose to suit our little home.

Before we go into what it looks like with all of our stuff we hauled over and a few new(!) purchases, we have to start with a blank slate.  So welcome to our little virtual tour of our new home... starting with the downstairs.  These pics were taken right after we closed and drove straight here (after our little obnoxiously huge happy dance, of course).

Here's our family room, dining area, kitchen and entryway... come on in!

Some of these shots look a bit yellowish due to my complete lack of white balance as I was sprinting around the house taking pictures.  The ones below give a more true to life idea of the wall and carpet colors.

Love, love, love the plantation shutters...

One thing that sold us on this house was the completely open concept.  I love how everything flows and you can be making dinner while talking to the hubs in the family room... ok, sometimes those roles are reversed and I'm the one parking my behind on the couch.  At least I'm honest.

A small feature, but one of my favorites... a little window above the kitchen sink.  A few of my not-so-favorites?  The valance, which has already gotten the ax and come down, and the wallpaper.  Let's just say taking it down is pretty high on our to-do list.

I am so excited to finally be sharing pictures of our new home (not condo or rental or apartment, but home) with you!  Maybe you don't find pictures of an empty house so exciting, but we'll be back with what it looks like with all our stuff dumped in it soon!  That and the upstairs.  Happy Humpday!