Featured today is our second bedroom, which we used as an office, which before that was the spare room where everything got dumped and nothing got put away.  The pictures below are what it looks like minus the approximate three feet of clutter that was usually found behind the door... if you could open it.  If you were ever a guest at our place in the early days, you know what we're talking about, and you know I'm not exaggerating.

For the most part we used this area as a little study that housed the computer and provided a bunch of storage.  We decided against using it as a guest bedroom since we really needed the extra space and most guests stayed at my parent's house.  Not any more though... I cannot wait to set up a guest bedroom in our new house, have friends and family stay with us, and put little mints on the pillow for whoever wants to come stay!  Ryan will also make you a fabulous coffee drink in the morning - latte, americano, espresso - you choose.

A pattern is emerging with these "our first" posts - I ramble.  So again, without further word vomit by me, here's our first study and the guest bathroom, package deal.  Oh to get rid of the glass desk and five-armed lamp!

Check back tomorrow for the reveal of our master bedroom.  Yep, we're inviting you on in.  That will wrap up our first place reveal and you will have received the whole tour of our little honeymoon condo.  After that, we're moving into our first house and will have an obscene amount to share with you, I'm sure.