In continuation of the reveal of our first place this week, here's the entry way and dining room.  This is one of the spaces that I never really finished because we didn't want to invest in a larger table or other furnishings before we bought a house.  Just in case it didn't work and we'd have to replace things.  So this is definitely one of those work-with-what-you-have spaces.

One of the many actually... we didn't purchase anything major during our year-and-a-half stay here just because we knew we'd be getting a house soon and wanted to hold off on the larger purchases until we knew what we'd be working with.  But we still love it, nonetheless.

Ok, now I'm done talking... onto the entryway and dining room:

See you tomorrow!  Packing and cleaning are in full-force around here this week.  Our place definitely doesn't look like the above picture anymore.