I came across these pictures from the hubby's iPhone and just had to add one more holiday post so I could include these pics...

This first one was actually a regular sighting in our household this holiday season... that or walking by and seeing the tree randomly wiggle.

I could tell you these little stockings are for my initials, but that wouldn't be true, at all.

We also continued with our Christmas morning coffee cake for the second year in a row.  It is such a good recipe, I started craving it the moment December hit.  My mom gave us the dish last year and the recipe is printed right there on the pan.  It feels so special to be starting our own little traditions that will become symbols of the holiday season for our family and children one day.

And here's the men, putting together my parent's Christmas present, a brand new TV.  You better believe this was exciting since their current one was close to ten years old!  They do set a great example though when it comes to this kind of thing.  And Ryan was sweet enough to go with them to pick it out and set it up... all while I napped on the couch at their house.

With these up, that should do it until next year!  Again, hope you had a wonderful holiday season and here's to things (hopefully) calming down (somewhat) soon!