Here's a post that is probably very boring to you, but to us, beyond exciting.  We cleaned out and organized our garage.  Woohoo.  Seriously, I get excited each time I walk out there now.  This is not a project with gorgeous awe-inspiring after photos and pin-worthy material, it's a garage people.  Just some simple organization that makes life easier.

Since moving in nine months ago, it became a dumping ground for shoes, tools, items to be donated and old wine bottles.  It wasn't a big issue during the summer because I would just park outside and let my half of the garage pile up more and more each week, pretty much unaffected.

However, as temperatures began to drop recently and I actually had to run the heater in the morning because my car was a bit chilly, I declared it officially time to clean out the garage so the wife can park inside of it.

Here's some befores.  Picture me muttering under my breath while looking for the other shoe I need every morning.

Probably should have put a "WATCH YOUR STEP" sign and painted the edges of the stairs yellow.

This is where the accumulation would take place... and sadly, it's after we already cleaned out a bunch of stuff.

Now for the afters!  After purging, we realized we didn't really have too much to store in there.  It's amazing what a trip to Goodwill and an organization shelf will do.  And look!  Wife can now park in the garage and be nice and warm on the way to work.  Picture happy wife.

More organization goodness in the form of a hanging system we found at Home Depot and a shoe rack found at Target.  P.S. all my "pretty" shoes are on the shelves in our bedroom closet.  These are just the more frequently worn ones.  It's important you know that.

This shelving rack we got hold 4,000 pounds.  What the?!  What would you ever put on those shelves that would weigh 4,000 pounds?

So that's the latest installment of project organize the house.  Any organizing you've done recently?  It seems like we do more of a "fall cleaning" than a "spring cleaning" around here.

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  1. Awesome! I get so excited over organisation haha. Even little things like inside a cupboard.... well done with your work and enjoy the inside-parking! Woop!


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