Today let's all take a minute to give thanks (I believe Christmas time is one of the best times to do so) and soak it all in, shall we?  The hustle and bustle has officially started, at least with us.  A minute or two of just being... could do us all some good.

Have a blissful weekend, and make sure to take a minute (or two, or ten) to just relax.

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Hi everyone!  Today I'm so excited to share my latest sponsor with you - Amy from Five Kinds of Happy.  We connected a few months ago when we discovered that we simultaneously but unknowingly shared the truth about blogging (check out my post here and hers here).  It was so refreshing to talk to someone with the same perspective who was actually willing to put it out there!

I have loved keeping in touch with her and the similarities we've discovered are nothing short of hilarious... it started with the blogging reveal and has since led to discovering that we cleaned out our garages at the same time, call our grandfathers by the same name and simply just love good design.

The difference between us?  She is a super-talented painter, has a gorgeous lovely-meets-colorful-meets-modern home, and is a legit designer.  Oh, and she lives on the other side of the world where it's springtime right now and she blogs regularly, haha!  Head on over to her blog and check it out, you'll want to stay awhile!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

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Now that we've officially given thanks and there's only a few more days left in November, I thought it would be a good time to check in and see how we did on our Fall Bucket List...

Not too bad, right?  I would have loved to go on a picnic and have a leaf pile photoshoot, but it's been a  busy fall and I'm plenty happy with what we did accomplish.  A few things were crossed off with the help of family, but it still counts in my book.  Now, just for fun, a photo-recap.

Well, with the fall list all wrapped up, it's time to get to work on my Christmas season bucket list!  Stay tuned!



You better believe today's Feel Good Friday is Christmas-themed.  I've always been a holiday puritan and strongly believe that Thanksgiving deserves all it's glory on it's own, but that doesn't mean I'm not twice as excited as you are for Christmas.

Have a truly wonderful weekend ringing in the Christmas season everyone!  We'll be getting out all the decorations and putting up the tree!  Let this year be centered around the fact that we are saved, we are God's children because His child was born for us.  There is nothing more exciting than that fact.  'Tis the season!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We're wishing delicious food (and lots of it) and a warm home filled with friends and family to all of you.  We'll be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, partaking in the local Turkey Trot, and heading over to Ryan's grandmother's house for an entire afternoon of eating and thankfulness.

We have so much to be thankful for this year and want to remember not to take any of it for granted.  We know there are people out there praying for what we, and many others, live with in our day to day lives without giving it much thought.  We also know that God will provide for us what we're praying for.  So yes, give thanks!

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Yay Friday!  Seriously glad it's here this week.  Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought this would be the perfect little quote going into this weekend and the following week... it's completely true, right?!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Are you hosting?  Happily just attending?  Don't really care as long as you get pumpkin pie?

Have a delicious weekend (and Thanksgiving!) everyone!

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Here's a post that is probably very boring to you, but to us, beyond exciting.  We cleaned out and organized our garage.  Woohoo.  Seriously, I get excited each time I walk out there now.  This is not a project with gorgeous awe-inspiring after photos and pin-worthy material, it's a garage people.  Just some simple organization that makes life easier.

Since moving in nine months ago, it became a dumping ground for shoes, tools, items to be donated and old wine bottles.  It wasn't a big issue during the summer because I would just park outside and let my half of the garage pile up more and more each week, pretty much unaffected.

However, as temperatures began to drop recently and I actually had to run the heater in the morning because my car was a bit chilly, I declared it officially time to clean out the garage so the wife can park inside of it.

Here's some befores.  Picture me muttering under my breath while looking for the other shoe I need every morning.

Probably should have put a "WATCH YOUR STEP" sign and painted the edges of the stairs yellow.

This is where the accumulation would take place... and sadly, it's after we already cleaned out a bunch of stuff.

Now for the afters!  After purging, we realized we didn't really have too much to store in there.  It's amazing what a trip to Goodwill and an organization shelf will do.  And look!  Wife can now park in the garage and be nice and warm on the way to work.  Picture happy wife.

More organization goodness in the form of a hanging system we found at Home Depot and a shoe rack found at Target.  P.S. all my "pretty" shoes are on the shelves in our bedroom closet.  These are just the more frequently worn ones.  It's important you know that.

This shelving rack we got hold 4,000 pounds.  What the?!  What would you ever put on those shelves that would weigh 4,000 pounds?

So that's the latest installment of project organize the house.  Any organizing you've done recently?  It seems like we do more of a "fall cleaning" than a "spring cleaning" around here.



Hello everyone and happy Friday!  I hope your week treated you well and that your weekend is even better to you.  Today is a little reminder that is especially relevant going into the holiday season.  Sure, stuff can be great and we all need a little retail therapy once in awhile, but it will never compare with the moments that make up our lives.  The people that are truly happy out there... it's their life and experience that make it up.  I love this...

Have a wonderful weekend and cherish those moments everyone!

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If I'm crazy, please just let me know.  This is one of those projects that came out of absolutely nowhere and I can't decide if it's fun and inventive, or just plain dumb.

It came about as I was taking pictures of a different project (and us bloggers know how crazy it can get when you're trying to get a decent photo) on one of our dining room chairs.  After taking a few shots, I thought a nice burlap background would work well, so I threw our dining room table runner over the chair and snapped a few more pictures.  Ok, the intentioned project is done.

However, the burlap table runner draped over the chair actually caught my eye... and the next thing I know, that table runner is attached to my table chair.

Seriously.  I kind of like the striped look it gives and it just adds another design element to some otherwise plain chairs.  It won't last forever, but it is a fun way to dress up for chair for a bit!  Especially if you used a bright colored or fun patterned runner.

The best part about it?  It's completely temporary, all you have to do is remove it and your table runner is back where it belongs... on the table.  In the pictures below, I've got the other matching table runner on the table itself and it's a bit much with the chair right there, but I think it could be a great way to switch up the look of your dining room chairs in a cheap and simple manner.

As for actually sitting in the chairs with the runners "attached," it wasn't a problem at all, and the burlap has quite a bit of texture, so you'd be in even better shape if you went with a smoother fabric.  Again, this method is temporary, so if you wanted a more permanent solution, you could use a staple gun or fabric glue to attach it for good.

Ok let me have it... it's kind of crazy right?!  Happy Tuesday!



Feel Good Friday, round two!  I hope your week was wonderful and that your weekend will be even better.  It's been a busy one for us, both work and life, so the weekend is very welcome in my book.

My pick-me-up today is just a little shout-out to my husband.  I could write one every day and it wouldn't be enough.  He is such a man of character and I admire him.  Plus, he takes pretty good care of me, and I can be crazy sometimes, so thanks babe.  Love you.

I also love this picture because it's pretty much the title of our first dance, You & Me.

Have a great weekend everyone!  What's making you smile about it?  Just the fact that it is the weekend?  Something exciting to do?  Make it a good one!

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In our current house and our old condo, the room that takes the award for most time spent in it is definitely the family room.  Whether it's reading and doing homework, eating dinner and catching up on Netflix, or sitting and talking over a bottle of wine, we spend a lot of time there.  So it only makes sense to make it something we love.  You can see pictures of our family room in our first place here, which we made pretty cozy and functional, but the family room in our new place is not that far along yet... 

Right now it's comfy, but sparse as far as decorations and accessories go, so I created a moodboard to instil some inspiration to get 'er done.  I already had ideas floating around in my head as to what I wanted (big, comfy couch, plenty of seating, relaxing palette with pops of color and a big gallery wall) so I incorporated those ideas right off the bat and then just layered in whatever felt "us."

We already have a couch that is very similar to the one here, I've got frames collecting for a gallery wall and we just bought two thin shelves for the other wall.  Oh, and we've also got the rattan ottoman (scored from an open house my father-in-law had for free!).  So now it's time to get a new coffee table (more on that here), layer in some accessories and start hanging!  Oh, and time to get rid of our college dorm room lamp for real!

P.S.  You've gotta love the little pillow I tucked in there, right?

P.S.S.  Check it out - my little fall leaves made themselves into another feature over on Sunny Slide Up!  Check out their blog here, it's a pretty fun concept - a group of women looking to not just encourage but celebrate creativity!