Every time Target launches a designer collection you can expect what can only be compared to Black Friday on the release date.  The Nate Berkus for Target collection will surely be no exception and you better believe I plan on being there early in the morning to scoop some stuff up.  Now I just have to figure out which Target will have the best collection (it DOES vary by store, maybe I'll hit up two) and see if I can drag my sweet husband along.

Nate Berkus is a designer/author/TV host and he's putting together a line for Target that's sure to be amazing, judging by the preview.  He's got impeccable taste but also knows how to make a room or a home feel real and lived-in at the same time.

Check out some of the home goods that will be in the collection, set to release this Sunday, the 21st!

I'll be back to share what goodies I picked up!  One advantage to living in the middle of the country is that the stores are a bit less crazed for designer launches than they are on either coast.  I was able to get some of the Missoni line a week after it was released, which would never happen in a bigger city.  Although we do have five Target stores here, so I guess we're not small by any means.  And yes, I do know how many Target stores are here, what can I say?  Target is my happy place... especially when there's a little Nake Berkus in the mix.

Photo credit: ca HOME+DESIGN.

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  1. This makes me so happy...I just LOVE Nate. So sad his show ended and I didn't make it to see it while he still had it going. But I'm super excited to shop his collection at Target :)


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