Dear Friday's Letters: this is the first time I am writing you and I think it's great!  Should be fun.
Dear Husband: I knew it was a good idea to marry you, but I had no idea just how good it would be.  Seeing God's plan unfold in our life together has been amazing so far.
Dear Friday: glad you're here... you took a little longer to arrive than expected, but you made it and that's what counts.
Dear Leaves: I've got a few little projects featuring you that I'm excited to share soon!  Now people will stop thinking I'm a nut because I pull over every time I see a tree with gorgeous leaves on it!  Hooray!
Dear Theo: you're a cat.  You really shouldn't be able to open cabinets and closet doors and nightstand drawers.  Do we really have to childproof cat-proof our house?!  We love you for it though.
Dear Cold: it's time you leave for good.  I'm sick and tired (literally) of you lingering and the going through an entire box of Kleenex/not being able to breathe through my nose/downing NyQuil at night is getting old (how's that for a pretty picture?)
Dear Fall: I've said it many times before, but you are and always have been my favorite.  The colors and the coziness just can't be beat.
Dear Colorado: it was one rough summer for us given everything that happened here, but you are still as beautiful as ever and arguably the best state in the nation.  I think this new season will do us all some good.
Dear Readers: thanks for stopping by!  Each and every one of you, I'm happy you're here.


  1. Welcome to your first letters link up :) Looking forward to seeing what you do with those gorgeous leaves!

  2. welcome to your first friday letters!
    and i think if you live in colorado you have every right to say you live in the best state. i live in ga and have only been to colorado once this past summer but wow, i was just blown away by the beauty. my sister had a concert in olathe and we flew into denver (six hour drive). so we rented a car and drove i-80 (at least i think it was i-80) for six hours beginning right at sunrise. even though it was a long haul, it was so worth it and i fell in love with colorado. when we left olathe, it was around sunset so we got to see all of the mountains at sunset in addition to having seen them at sunrise, too!

    okay, i'll stop rambling about colorado now, but you really do live in a beautiful place!

    i'm definitely following your blog now and am looking forward to future posts!

  3. oh and i hope you feel better!
    also, i just read your bio. me and my husband met in college, too!

  4. Yay! Today was my first Friday Letters too. I love the way those leaves look in your photo.

  5. Yay Friday's Letters! Love them! Those leaves are sooo pretty! Don't blame you for pulling over to get them. Also, your letter to your husband is so sweet :)

  6. i just stumbled onto your blog -- and, i'm from colorado too -- i'm totally with you on your dear colorado note! my goodness…what a sweet relief these past few days have been. it's nice for life to slow down…it feels like a good transition time. i was out of town photographing weddings when lots of things happened this season, but of course feel those ripples & reverberations -- they just come up, here and there. i do think good things are ahead for this beautiful, beautiful place. : )

    p.s. excited to follow along with your adventures!

  7. Cutest picture!! I love the leaves. Wishing fall would land here in LA! I love Friday's Letters...and creator of them, as she happens to be my best friend! :)


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