Dear Husband: thank you for happily partaking in all of my little shenanigans.  You're the best.
Dear Little Girl Fur Baby: thanks for being just the best little blogging assistant ever.
Dear Friday's Letters: thank you for providing a means of a weekly "thank you" list that makes me recap the better parts of each week and be actively thankful for them.
Dear Fall: you will continue to get a letter every week until it's clear winter has arrived.  Then after that, you'll probably get "I miss you" letters.  It's definitely cold for good now here, but the leaves are still beautiful and pumpkin is still to be found everywhere in everything.
Dear Little DIY Project: your turn is coming, to get all dressed up and make an appearance here, thanks to some lovely inspiration found in other lovely blogs.
Dear Friends: this has been an amazing week because of you.  Each of you know exactly who you are and I love you.  If you're reading this, imagine me giving you a big ol' hug.
Dear Weekend: bring it on.  I'm ready for you, always.

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  1. I wish it was cold over here! I'm sweating from the heat! Miami never has the 4 seasons. Kind of sucks!!!

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <3


  2. hoping over from Friday's Letters. love that pretty picture in your post! i {heart} fall too, and pumpkins are the perfect fall trademark! enjoy your weekend!

  3. Stopping by from Fridays Letter! I wish I could say its cold out here in AZ...but it's been over 90 degrees all week...yuck! Hope hope you have a Good Friday! :)

  4. that nest pic is perfect!

    Happy weekend! :) Drop by & say hello!

  5. Love the pic. Cute blog :)

  6. I love reading all the Friday's Letters :) Ashley's series is so fun!

  7. I love your picture on this post!! And I am totally with you on Fall... I love it so much but it never lasts nearly long enough around here!


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