Remember our fall bucket list we made a few weeks ago?  Well, time to cross something else off!  And thank goodness because now I can stop pulling over every time I see a tree with gorgeous leaves and I won't have to smile sheepishly and wave while people stare at me.  Plus, the leaves are almost gone now, which supposedly means it's going to be a rough winter?!  Guess we'll see... but for now I'm still loving all things fall and I found a great way to keep the season going a bit longer than it lasts in real life.

Yes, fall is my favorite, and one of the best things about it (obviously) are the gorgeous leaves that can be found in almost every color.  Inspired by this photo on Pinterest, I thought framing some leaves would be the perfect way to keep the colors around for longer than they last on the trees.

 This project was fun and simple.  First, collect a bunch of leaves that strike your fancy and press them in between two sheets of wax paper.  I put mine under some heavy textbooks for about a day and they were good to go.  Then arrange them however you like, tape or glue them to a piece of card stock and pop them into some frames!

Here's my favorite of the two in real-life, not just propped up against my table runner.  Anyone else do that?  Oh, and that little green pumpkin is from the dollar bin at Target!  Another point for the big bullseye.

If you have any other leaf projects, let me know!  I have some extra leaves laying around that I would love to do something with.  Have a happy hump-day everyone!


  1. What a super idea. Joining you from We Did It Wednesday.

  2. Love love love. Did I mention I love? : ) The colors are just beautiful!

  3. Such a cute idea! Yels x


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